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The Great Shift

Stay Light

It's time to unite. It's time to rise.

While the miscreations of humanity continue bubbling up to be recognized and released, we have the opportunity in every fresh moment to choose a higher way of relating to one another.

Supporting everyone you meet by witnessing them beyond what they may have chosen for themselves out of despair or fear assists them in recognizing their own worth and promotes their ability to enhance their trajectory.

Damning or judging anyone in thought or deed cements them more firmly into a pit of pain and suffering, and it drops you down into that shadow place with them.

Assisting those who appear the most out of alignment, most in need of uplifting, simply by choosing to view them with love, has a profound and lasting impact on everyone.

Imagine a world where this was done by everyone.

Just imagine...

Walking a Peaceful Path

United we stand, one and all.

The awakening of humanity is moving forward quickly. Divisiveness desires to reign supreme. Yet, one can choose to remain in love, in peace, breathing deeply before reacting.

If you choose to heatedly condemn another for their beliefs, you are damning their very being, and then you align yourself to the lower frequency of condemnation. It ripples around you as it provokes you further into the lofty grip of self-righteousness, which can only fuel more discord. Wars are created from this energy. It's high time for humanity to rise above this tendency.

Allow others to be. No need to take the bait, to join in a skirmish. No one has to be wrong, and no one has to be right, but everyone has the right to be. We are all in this together. When you choose to react in peace as love, it becomes available for all and releases the hot trajectory of battle.

You are most powerful in love. Peace.


End times, not—for we’ve just begun, moving faster toward the Central Sun.

Manifestation quickens for all to know that we’re collectively creating this show.

Rise up strong, cast off fear, anti-forces are out of here.

Murky creations can now be subdued, ripple effects from stones humanity threw.

Take hold of your power, love with all your might, a groovy new world is now in our sight.


Shine on

A Peaceful Shore

As humanity rises, individually and collectively, up through the mire of its past creations, a fresh shore comes into sight.

Each challenge can be viewed as an opportunity to move beyond outdated ways of living.

Recognizing behavior that hinders upward movement allows the opportunity to release it and move on, while leaving guilt behind.

Everyone is going through deep release, as we all rise together at varying pace.

Be kind to fellow travelers as they work through their own challenges. You may be the balm that their soul desperately needs in that moment.

And remember to breathe, just breathe.

Peace to all. :)

Earth Day 2023

The release of All Flavors is 4/22/23, Earth Day! I'm eager to connect, and I'll soon have regular blog posts available.



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